Take one’s time to realize the moment’s gone
Once another’s words are out like the police have come

Find yourself behaving how?
You've seem to have lost the sense of here and now
And take their time to repose and rest
With Eirene dreams you hide in your own head

Crease the sides of a day dream’s open notes
As the young man beside you ponders with a hazy throat
And he hums like

"This change is alright"

Fools are lost behind the sound
Of changing seasons between then and now
Shed a hollow voice in hopes to find
Depth of clarity hemmed in the silver line
Make it feel
like it used to
Let my heart consume my mind
and reverse the worse construed

Let me fade in the best way

Make it feel
like it used to
Let skies abrade
a darker shade to a muted blue

And day dream that it can change