so aimless
In honor and hopes not to gain wit,
but often to coax the minds you play with
to feel false love relay

prey on,
“everybody wants to be you
with you dear”

Walls are built up
Only leave for opinion
on saturday nights with the ones you let creep in
The shoes he wore don’t match your taste
And when morning’s night has fallen
and silence comes in place of sound
transparency takes place of grace

Take time to cry
your “friends” and I will be out now
Fall in the line and become white noise
you are found again  

All your secrets fall between the rooms
and the air you breathe in
Makes the makeup run like you

The Ghost in your House
You feel it around
You feel it right now
Kingdoms all must fall down
But she’s fighting for “now”

Life will keep us dying
make ghosts in our house